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It is no secret that European people are crazy about soccer betting and horse racing. Tons of profits are reaped in yearly by numerous bookmakers, all over Europe. It's also an open secret that the underground football syndicate there are also making hundreds of millions each year. Soccer matches manipulation and players bribery in the corrupted China Super league are supposedly to be controlled by the Hong Kong and Macau syndicates. They are also gaining extensive market shares on the major European leagues of the world. Collecting syndicate information from above and under ground, we have been highly successful in picking up sure winners. Every soccer tips given by EuroPicks are carefully selected from only the best of the best, so that all our members can maximise their winnings from our premium soccer insider betting tips.  

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Sunday 11th October 2015

11/10/15 23:59 GMT+8
Serbia vs Portugal

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Previous 20 Matches Picks Records
Date Match Handicaps Verdict
08/10/15 Scotland vs Poland 0 Draw
04/10/15 Arsenal vs Man Utd +0.5/1 Lose
03/10/15 Chelsea vs Southampton +0.5/1 Win
01/10/15 AS Monaco vs Tottenham +0/0.5 Win
30/09/15 Man Utd vs Wolfsburg -0.5/1 Win
29/09/15 Arsenal vs Olympiacos -1/1.5 Lose
27/09/15 Watford vs Crystal Palace 0 Lose
25/09/15 Fulham vs QPR 0 Lose
27/08/15 Rosenborg vs Steaua Bucuresti +0.5/1 Win
26/08/15 Club Brugge vs Man Utd +0.5/1 Lose
25/08/15 AS Monaco vs Valencia +0/0.5 Lose
24/08/15 Arsenal vs Liverpool +0.5/1 Win
23/08/15 Everton vs Man City +1 Lose
22/08/15 Man Utd vs Newcastle -1/1.5 Lose
21/08/15 Malaga vs Sevilla +0/0.5 Win
20/08/15 Sparta Praha vs Thun +1.5 Lose
19/08/15 Celtic vs Malmo +1 Draw
16/08/15 Man City vs Chelsea -0.5 Win
15/08/15 Swansea City vs Newcastle -0.5 Win
11/08/15 Barcelona vs Sevilla +1.5 Win

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